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TASL Fun Soccer Vacations!

Join us as we offer international soccer trips to Tahiti, Brazil, Europe, and Tunisia. These awesome trips for players and families are not to be missed. Click HERE for more information.

Holiday Summer Classic Triple R Sports invites you to the TEMECULA ADULT HOLIDAY SOCCER CLASSIC at the Patricia H. Birdsall Park in Temecula on Pechanga Pkwy and Deer Hallow. Click the logo below for tournament dates.

Compete against some of the top teams from Orange County, San Diego, San Bernardino, Nevada, Arizona, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Cochella, etc. Games are 11vs11 in the Men's, Women's and Coed categories. All competitive teams are welcome to apply.

Temecula Soccer Tournament

Presented by Triple R Sports Group:
Welcome to the Temecula Adult Soccer League

Watch for Important News Updates:






DEBBIE AT 949-285-6560


Divisions that we offer;

Women's, Coed A-B , Men's Open, Men's 30, Men's 40 & Men's 45   

Tuesday: Women's Open &  Open Division: January 3rd 2017

Thursday: Men's 30 A-B: January 19th 2017

Friday: Coed A - B: February 3rd 2017

Sunday: Women's Open,Coed,Men's Open, Men's 30, Men's 40/45 A & B:

COED 5:10pm: NEW SEASON : 2/26/17

MEN'S 25/30 6:15pm

MEN'S 40 7:20pm

Men's 45 B 8:25pm

GAME 3 REMINDER: All players must be wearing matching uniforms.  This includes same color socks and shorts.  All jerseys require a number.  Any player not conforming to this rule will be yellow carded and be required to leave the field for 2 minutes and may not enter the field of play until the unifor correction has been made.

PLAYER/TEAM FEE DEADLINE:  All player/team fees are due, in full, no later than the start of Game 2.  A $10 late fee for individual players & $100 late fee for team fee will be assesed to any players or teams not paid in full by this deadline.

GIFT CERTIFICATES:  We are offering gift certificates!!  Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination and can be used for any Triple R service or goods.  Certificates can be redeemed for soccer credits, used to purchase Honors Gala Tickets or to purchase merchandise.  CASH ONLY


Effective immediately, we will be offering a new way for people to save a little cash. If you (current player) bring in a new player (who must have never played with us before) you will receive $5 credit towards your individual player fee for NEXT season.

Here are the rules:

- The new player must have paid in full their player fee in order for you to receive your credit.

- Your credit can only be used for the following season

- You cannot transfer or give someone else any of your credit

- You may bring in and receive 14 new players a season, equalling $70 total credit

- You must not have any outstanding balances/fees from the current season in order to receive your credit

- When bringing in a new player, you and the new player must fill out a “New Player Incentive Offer” sheet, which will be provided at the table by Malia upon request


We play all year round:

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Tuesday nights: Women's & Men's Open & Coed 
Thursday nights: Men's 30 A & B
Friday nights: Open Competitive Coed & Recreational Coed
Sundays: Women's Open, Coed A & B, Men's Open, Men's 30, Men's 40 & Men's 45

Our seasons consist of 10 games plus play offs, Champions vs. Champions games and Inter Liga Championships whenever teams are interested to travel to play against other cities. We also play an annual All-Star Game with teams' MVP's and Managers around Jan 2nd.

The individual cost to play on a team is about $65 per season. This includes referee costs, fields, lights etc. -Uniforms are a team effort-.

Register and create a profile online in the My Account tab. Once registered you will be able to join a team and pay your player "credits" on-line by following a few easy steps.

We hope you enjoy playing in our league and we look forward to seeing you out on the pitch!

Click How To Join to learn more.

How to Play in the League for FREE!

Play for free with the TASL/RASL/JASL Business Pages.

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